The latest market analyses indicate that the credit cards are the most popular payment instrument among the online shoppers, and used accordingly.

As PSP & KNB (Payment Service Provider and Commercial Web Operator), we can enable you to get your valid credit cards authenticated in a rather simple way and connect to the member bank on easy terms.

A general outlook to cards

Visa Visa

The Visa card is the most globally recognized credit card brand, and distributed through cooperation with banks. The amounts are deducted from the card account electronically, or by printing the embossed card number on paper, or in the eCommerce, or through the Telesales or Mailorder transaction.

  • Visa Card in reality

      • There are 400 million cards granted across Europe.
      • 490,000 points of acceptance across Germany
      • Over 10% of shopping’s in Europe are made using the Visa card.
      • Visa offers the “Verified by VISA” security transaction particularly for eCommerce

Mastercard Master Card

MasterCard is one of the cards most widely used across the globe, and distributed through cooperation with the authorized contract partners.

While it is widely accepted in Europe in general, MasterCard is really popular particularly in Germany.

  • MasterCard in reality

      • Over 750 million cards in 210 countries across the globe
      • Over 500,000 points of acceptance in Germany alone
      • Approx. 35 million points of verification across the globe
      • MasterCard offers its special “MasterCard Secure Code” security transaction


JCB is the biggest credit card organization in Japan, and widely accepted particularly in the US and the Asian countries.
The fact that the international commerce is easier than any other branch has led the German providers to be focused on this card provider as well for years.

  • JCB in reality

      • Approx. 60 million cards distributed globally
      • Over 11 million points of acceptance in 200 countries

American Express Amex American Express

Since it also offers unique services and insurance, American Express (Amex/AMEX) is a special credit card branch liked and preferred especially by travelers.

Thanks to its special commercial solutions (Corporate Card), it is used as the corporate card by any number of companies.

  • American Express in reality

      • It has over 82 million card holders across the globe.
      • A card turnover much over the market average

Diners Club Diners Club / Discover Discover

Thanks to its campaigns and bonus programs, Diners Club / Discover is a payment instrument used by frequent travelers rather preferably in the branches of tourism and lifestyle. Especially the Discover cards are very much loved in the US, for example.

  • Diners Club / Discover in reality

      • Compared with the other credit cards, it appears to have explicitly higher turnovers (Diners Club 100%, Discover 35%)
      • Diners cards are available in more than 65 countries.
      • It has created a very large network of acceptance through its partners like BC Korea (55 million cards) and DinaCard (2.5 million cards).

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