Payment methods

More dynamic for your online shop

With a wide range of payment options, you ensure a perfected shopping experience for your customers and thus benefit from more turnover. With modern mobile payment services, you can also position yourself as an innovative business partner.

pay4one supports all common payment methods

Secure payment processing with Secure Payment
With Secure Payment, payment processing is also simple, secure and convenient for you – and at extremely attractive conditions.

Optimal support from the beginning, help with integration, support, reporting
pay4one supports you from the very beginning, regardless of whether you run a shop, use a standard shop system or need custom programming. Even if you don’t have an online shop yet: we work together with leading shop operators with whom we develop individual solutions for you.

Welcome to the world of card acceptance

With your decision to accept card payments, you offer a constantly growing group of customers a convenient and uncomplicated way to use your offers. But of course you also benefit from a lot of profitable advantages.

Increase in turnover

They tap into new target groups. Card payers tend to make spontaneous purchases and also spend more money than cash payers, as international studies show. All over the world, card payers of all nationalities fulfil their big and small wishes every day – they buy gifts, order goods on the internet, go on trips, go out to eat, book hotels and – from now on, you are part of this world and benefit from the purchasing power of these customers.

Increasing safety

Switching to card payments means increased security for you. Because with the reduction of cash in your till, the risk of theft, embezzlement and counterfeit money is also minimised.

Security in eCommerce

In distance selling, card payment is the safest and fastest way for you to accept payments from your national and international customers when using the appropriate security technologies. If you really want to play it safe here, we have the right solution for you with our Internet Payment Gateway (IPG). Just get in touch with us.

Cost reduction

The costs for card acceptance are manageable at all times, comprehensible and low compared to cash handling. By switching to card acceptance, you will definitely optimise your checkout processes, because they will become much less complicated and more efficient. Less cash also means less effort for you in cash handling: time-consuming and cost-intensive activities such as giving change, counting money at the checkout, safekeeping of money overnight as well as deposits and withdrawals at your bank are drastically reduced.

Faster processing

Card payments can be made quickly and conveniently. As a rule, they only take a few seconds and are therefore many times faster than payments with other means of payment. You can process more payments in the same period of time and thus reduce your customers’ waiting time at the checkout. What’s more, your customer always pays appropriately – because there is no need for tedious counting of small change.

More customer service

Most customers today expect to be able to pay conveniently by card. If you meet this expectation, you will have satisfied customers who will naturally prefer to shop with you much more than where they are not offered this service. Card acceptance is the key to your business success. Because it allows you to offer your customers the greatest possible flexibility and also makes you attractive to a modern and international audience.